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Complete Nautilus Gym Package

ALL equipment is sold as is or can be touched up painted to make almost look new for a extra cost!  WE do this for most of our equipment before it ever leaves the building!  We are starting to post our equipment as we get it to put it online and let customer let us know what they want done!!! ALL equipment is cleaned and serviced regardless what you choose!



Nautilus 8 Stack Jungle Gym (2-Lat Pulldown, 2- Low Row, 2-Cable Column, Fully Adjustable Cable Crossover)

Nautilus One Leg Press

Nautilus One Abductor / Adductor Combo

Nautilus One Leg Extension

Nautilus One Leg Curl

Nautilus One Lat Pulldown

Nautilus One Lateral Raise

Nautilus One Chest Press

Nautilus One Back Row

Nautilus One Pec Fly

Nautilus One Abdominal

Nautilus One Back Extension

Nautilus Nitro Rotary Torso

Nautilus Studio Bice Curl

Nautilus Studio Tricep Press-down

Nautilus Studio Lower Back

Nautilus Studio OverHead Press


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